‘Stupid mental health walk’

A collection inspired by the hedonistic post-pandemic lifestyle, focussed on boosting the dopamine levels.

During the pandemic, most young people got pointed out by their dopamine addiction. Dopamine is the chief ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter. Along with serotonin, dopamine is one of the “happy hormones”, an important chemical made in the brain.
Dopamine is especially strongly released when your brain is expecting a reward, creating feelings of pleasure which motivate you to repeat a specific behavior. Of course, that’s why things that can easily become addictive, such as sex, alcohol, and cocaine, which all involve the dopamine system. Addiction means that the brain has become over-reliant on theselarge boosts.
Thankfully, there are natural ways to keep dopamine levels optimal. For example by exercising. Dancing as exercise is recommended for boosting endorphin levels and improving mood.
During the pandemic, clubbing seemed like a distant memory, the illegal rave scene became again very populair. They dance and party as never before to reach their need for dopamine. Ravers dress up to express themselves, fetish wear mixed with activewear (aestetics of the contamporary queer rave scene) almost became a mainstream trend.
Especially the queer community find their safe space on the dancefloor, which was almost subducted by the pandemic.

‘Stupid Mental Health Walk’ is a collection for the post-pandemic ravers. They never want to miss a party ever again.
With their ‘always-ready-to-party-wear’ they wear garments that can easily transform in to clubwear. They use hedonistic prints as they are engaged in the pursuit of pleasure;
sensually self-indulgent. The garments are designed with kinetic pattern cutting, based on the body movements to keep the ravers active.

Tessa Miserus